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  • About Us

    Company Overview

    Founded in 1943, V. Suárez Group is one of Puerto Rico's largest distributors with a diversified product portfolio in the beverage, food, household goods, personal care and pet categories managed by V. Suárez Division.

    V. Suárez Group owns a real estate portfolio of office, commercial and warehouse facilities managed by V.Suárez Real Estate Group. It also manages an internal investment portfolio and VS International Banking Entity, a leveraged, diversified investment vehicle, operating under a license granted under the terms of the Puerto Rico International Banking Center Regulatory Act of 1989.

    V. Suárez Group is supported by a centralized corporate services group comprised of Human Resources, Accounting & Administration, MIS, Corporate Development, and Treasury & Investments. The corporate services group ensures that managerial systems and processes are in place, and that adequate resources are allocated among business/market opportunities to ensure success.

    V. Suárez Group has a rich corporate development history and is continuously evolving and expanding. In 2012, V. Suárez Group acquired Campofresco Corp., a juice and beverage manufacturing company that produces its own proprietary brands and also provides co-packing services for national and local brands.

    Our history of creating opportunities

    Founded in 1943 by Vicente Suárez Alvarez and two partners, José Alvarez and Arcadio Suárez, V. Suárez & Co., Inc. has consistently grown through the years with a healthy blend of classic traditions and modern outlook, always faithful to:

    • Setting standards of performance and integrity within the distribution industry
    • Discovering new possibilities and opportunities

    V. Suárez & Co., Inc. operates under a set of sound, simple, practical, and inspiring principles:

    • We partner with our suppliers to build strong brands
    • We deliver high-quality service to our customers
    • We build our relationships based on absolute respect and integrity
    • We lead under a spirit of teamwork
    • We invest in our people and in technology
    • We know our industry and our market
    • We plan strategically with discipline and flexibility to diversify our businesses as a catalyst for growth
    • We give back to the community as responsible corporate citizens
  • V. Suárez Division

    V. Suárez Division, a division within V. Suárez & Co., Inc., focuses in the selling and distribution of the beverage, food, household, personal care and pet categories.  We are one of the largest distributors on the Island with a proven record of success, excellent trade relations and are perceived among the best distributors by our customers.

    V. Suárez & Co., Inc. is privileged to be recognized as Puerto Rico's leading distributor

    At V. Suárez, we provide extraordinary brands to our customers on behalf of our suppliers. Our suppliers are our partners and we treat our partners’ brands as if they were our own. We work with passion and drive for success in everyday execution. We capitalize on our leadership in this market as an organization and we assure that we add value to our suppliers and customers both tactically and strategically.

    The brands you trust, trust V. Suárez. With more than 70 years creating opportunities, we invite you to discover how V. Suárez can assist you in establishing or growing your local market presence.

    V. Suárez participates in the distribution of all main product categories and serves national, international and proprietary brands across Puerto Rico. To find out more about what V. Suárez can do for your brand contact our area specialists.

  • Real Estate

    V. Suárez Real Estate Group

    Real Estate has been an integral part of our business for the past twenty years. We develop and manage a portfolio of commercial real estate, focusing on warehouse and commercial office properties. In addition to managing all of the distribution company’s physical facilities, the Group develops and manages commercial space for an array of third party tenants.

    Prime Office Space for Rent

    V. Suárez Group manages over 1,500,000 square feet of warehouse and office space in prime locations in the San Juan metropolitan area. Offices are in corporate parks where you can find strategic partnerships just around the corner:

    • Rexco Industrial Park
    • Metro Office Park
    • San Juan Industrial Park
    • Atlantic Commercial Park

    Besides the V. Suárez Group’s tenants, its tenant list includes a variety of blue chip international and local clients.

    If you are looking for centric office and/or warehouse space that is ready for commercial use,  contact us here

  • Community

    V. Suárez Group believes in giving back and investing in socially responsible ways.
    V. Suárez is an active participant in community programs that further social and economic development in Puerto Rico. Throughout the years, we have participated in numerous community activities and are currently sponsors of:


    • United Way of Puerto Rico – voluntary employee participation program
    • Puerto Rico Conservation Trust – Para la Naturaleza
    • Museo de Arte de Ponce
    • Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico
    • Fundación Kinesis
    • Fundación de Becas de Hotelería y Turismo


    V. Suárez Group officials also donate their time to not-for-profit institutions both in charitable service foundations and educational institutions.  Additionally, our employees have adopted some particular institutions as part of our community outreach.

  • Sponsorship

    V. Suárez & Co., Inc. is a family corporation committed to actively participate in community programs that promote social and economic development in Puerto Rico. Based on a yearly budget, we sponsor multiple social and civic activities through the year.

    For additional information, please download the Request Form provided in the link below.

    V. Suárez & Co., Inc. es una corporación familiar, comprometida en participar activamente en programas comunitarios que fomenten el desarrollo social y económico en Puerto Rico. Anualmente se asigna un presupuesto de auspicios que es utilizado durante todo el año para eventos social/cívico.

    Para información adicional descargue la Solicitud de Auspicios en el enlace provisto.

    Send Request/Envío de Solicitud.


  • Management

    Executive & Corporate Administration - V. Suárez Group

    • Diego Suárez, Jr. - Chairman & CEO
    • Tomás Rosario - Vice President, Treasury & Investments
    • Clotilde Pérez - Vice President, Corporate Development
    • Jorge Rivera - Vice President, Administration & Comptroller
    • Jamile Rachid - Vice President, Human Resources
    • Edgar Gómez - Vice President, MIS

    V. Suárez Division

    • Vicente Suárez Matienzo - President
    • Mari Casellas - Vice President, Marketing
    • Wallace Santos - Vice President, Operations
    • Edgardo Conty - Vice President, Credit
    • Bárbara Betancourt - Director, Procurement
    • Raúl Marcial Suárez - Director of Sales, Beverages
    • Wilfredo Sostre Cabrera - Director of Sales, Provisions

    V. Suárez Real Estate Group

    • Francisco Marrero - Vice President, General Manager
    • Maribel Burgos - Facilities Engineer

    VS International Banking Entity

    • Fernando Rabell - Vice President Corporate Investment Officer